Tips for the dining lighting




A striking luminaire offers you the possibility to get an object with impressive design and give you a unique aesthetics in your room. If you can invest in a single lamp then it will be a lighting that will be placed over your dining room.


The way that you would light up the dining room is very important because when you sit down to eat together with your family or friends to relax and not feel like going through interrogation. Therefore, it is useful the intensity of light emitted by your luminaire to be low so that it will spread soft light and everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. We highly recommend dimmers, in orders to adjust the light intensity.


Moreover, the lamp should be placed at a height from the table that does not prevent contact with eyes among diners. The latest trend commands the light to descend quite low, 75 80 cm from the surface of the table. In this case typically "wears" direct illumination which directly illuminates the surface.


You can choose a lamp that fits on your style or room and not a completely different lighting style for your dining room, for example a classical chandelier with crystals in a minimal / industrial space.

With regards to the dispersion of the light, you can either install a central chandelier or disperse the lighting by choosing to install 2-3 lamps along the table or ordinary bulbs that you will hang them asymmetrically playing with the length of the cables.


Here are some useful and interesting ideas for the dining lighting: